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Introducing EMC DSSD D5: A conversation with Will Layton

Sam Marraccini

Sam Marraccini

Director, EMC Global Portfolio Messaging at EMC Corporation
Sam Marraccini is a 17-year EMC veteran and 26-year technology veteran. Part of EMCs Global Portfolio Marketing Team, Sam is focused on the EMCs Storage Strategy and developing messaging to support the storage portfolio. The Global Portfolio Marketing team is responsible for developing and delivering customer messaging across the full EMC product portfolio. In addition to developing the Global Portfolio Storage messaging, Sam's passion and drive continue to be demonstrated in multiple blogs including: The Source "" and (All things flash at EMC). Flash and Microsoft information can be found at and Twitter @SamMarraccini (
Sam Marraccini
Sam Marraccini
EMC The Source Podcast #32 - Introducing DSSD D5

EMC The Source Podcast #32 – Introducing DSSD D5

Leap day, February 29th, 2016 represented a Quantum leap in Flash Storage. If you had the opportunity to read the Press Release or watch the live Quantum Leap launch event, you know this was not ordinary event! 2016 is the Year of Flash! DSSD D5, a part of that launch: is 10Milliion IOPS, 100 Microsecond Latency, 100GB/s Bandwidth and 144TB raw Flash in five rack units – Truly a Quantum Leap!

But what does it all mean? I sat down with the Vice President of DSSD Business Development, Will Layton (@WillLayton) at a recent customer briefing to get the latest. Will was more than happy to share some insight not only on the technology, but how it is helping our customers transform their operations to the Modern Data Center.

Introducing DSSD D5

Introducing EMC DSSD D5

You can hear that interview in it’s entirety on EMC The Source Podcast Episode #32: introducing EMC DSSD D5, embedded audio below.

For more details, visit and check the bounus section of EMC The Source Podcast for more information. Thanks for listening.

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