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Sam Marraccini

Sam Marraccini

Director, EMC Global Portfolio Messaging at EMC Corporation
Sam Marraccini is a 17-year EMC veteran and 26-year technology veteran. Part of EMCs Global Portfolio Marketing Team, Sam is focused on the EMCs Storage Strategy and developing messaging to support the storage portfolio. The Global Portfolio Marketing team is responsible for developing and delivering customer messaging across the full EMC product portfolio. In addition to developing the Global Portfolio Storage messaging, Sam's passion and drive continue to be demonstrated in multiple blogs including: The Source "" and (All things flash at EMC). Flash and Microsoft information can be found at and Twitter @SamMarraccini (
Sam Marraccini
Sam Marraccini

Flash Storage Meets Persistent Memory – The Modern Data Center Changes Forever!

Flash Memory Summit Time Line

The Flash Memory Summit is an annual gathering of “People Making Flash Products Happen”. The conference was held in Santa Clara August 9-11, 2016. EMC was a premium sponsor of the event, showcasing the latest in ALL-FLASH product design and direction. In addition, EMC was invited to participate in the General Keynote Sessions.

EMC The Source Podcast Episode #56 - Flash Memory Summit 2016

EMC Fellow, Vice President of Emerging Media and friend of EMC The Source Podcast, Dan Cobb (@dcobbweb), hosted the Keynote – “Flash Storage Meets Persistent Memory – The Modern Data Center Changes Forever!”

I was able to catch up with Dan as he headed into his keynote address. That interview and the full content of the Keynote Session are this week’s EMC The Source Podcast.

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The Source Podcast: Episode #56: Flash Meets Persistent Memory Danny Cobb, Live from Flash Memory Summit 2016

EMC: The Source Podcast is hosted By Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)

Getting Flashy at EMC World 2016!

EMC World 2016 is just around the corner, May 2-5th, 2016  (Las Vegas Venetian.)

General Session Keynote Speakers include:  Joe Tucci, Michael Dell, David Goulden, Jeremy Burton, Chad Sakac, Guy Churchward & CJ Desai, 6 guru sessions, over 300 technology breakout Sessions, 40 IT Leadership Sessions and over 30 Code & Modern Ops specific breakouts.

Plus, the EMC VLAB Experience with self-paced and instructor lead labs, Solutions Expo with over 100 partners and exhibitors, EMC Proven Processional Certification, Global Parter Summit, Momentum content management event – and that’s scratching the surface!


This year there are 30 EMC World 2016 Breakout Sessions with “FLASH” in the title!  Flash is indeed EVERYWHERE!!   Here is a recap – hope to see you in the first… 2016 The Year of Flash Getting Flashy With it.

2016 The Year of Flash: Getting Flashy With It The Year of Flash!  But what makes 2016 so special? Flash is everywhere!  Flash has fundamentally changed the way we design storage systems; it’s no longer an option.

Architecting An All-Flash Data Center With VCE Vblock Systems Understand how VCE is incorporating flash innovation from EMC’s storage platforms (XtremIO, VMAX3, VNX) into our latest Vblock and VxBlock Systems.

Best Practices For Running Virtualized Workloads & Containers In The All-Flash Data Center This session explores the reasons for one of the quickest revolutions that the storage industry has seen in the last 20 years, and how XtremIO can enable breakthrough…

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, & Data Protection For The All-Flash Data Center Everybody knows that Flash is fast, but do you know the best way to protect your workload on a media that is capable of servicing more than 1M IOPS with tight RPO and RTO?…

Deployment Best Practices For Consolidating SQL Server & Integrated Copy Data Management Examine SQL Server behavior on XtremIO’s all-flash array vs. traditional storage, explore use cases, see demos of XtremIO’s unique integrated copy data management (iCDM)…

DSSD: Ask The Founders Panel An informal discussion with DSSD’s founders on D5’s numerous innovations. Topics include DSSD architectural innovations that simplify the data path to dramatically reduce…

DSSD Technical Deep Dive: Next-Generation Flash Performance For Mission Critical Workloads A technical deep dive on DSSD D5, providing an in-depth overview of its features, functionality and capabilities. Touching on performance oriented architecture, reliability…

Empowering Mission-Critical Workloads With DSSD Rack-Scale Flash This DSSD D5 overview session discusses the performance issues facing mission critical workloads and how DSSD rack-scale flash overcomes limitations of existing architectures…

Fibre Channel & IP Storage Networks: Which One Is Right For You? This session covers what’s new with storage connectivity including; storage connectivity trends, the impact of All-Flash Arrays on your SAN, Slow Drain Devices, an update…

Game Changing SAP Best Practices For HANA & Traditional SAP, Consolidation, Converged Infrastructure, & iCDM On XtremIO In this session, VDI architects from VMware and EMC XtremIO present the recent trends in desktop virtualization and role of all-flash storage in ushering the new era of VDI….

General Session: Modernize Your Data Center The rapid shift in data center technologies enables enterprises to optimize existing IT and legacy investments to free up resources for next generation IT that will transform…

Introducing XtremIO Integrated Copy Data Management & How It Will Transform Your Infrastructure, Your Operations, & Your Business Process Agility Everybody knows that all-flash arrays are ideal for running database workloads – this is because flash is fast. But a database application is much more than just the

Learn From Real Life Experts On How To Deploy Big Data Analytics On An All-Flash Array Implementation This session provides an overview on the different architectural options available for customers to streamline their big data applications like Splunk / MongoDB / SAS on a…

New Midrange Storage Flash Optimizations Deep Dive This session discusses the flash optimizations we’ve put into VNX and what is coming next. You will find out whether an all flash array or a hybrid approach may work for you…

Next-Generation OpenStack Private Clouds With VMware & EMC XtremIO All-Flash Array OpenStack Cloud deployments have long been notorious for being too complex and unpredictable, often requiring long implementation times and ongoing optimization. In this…

Tales From The Trenches: End-User Computing Architect Perspectives On Next Generation VDI In this session, VDI architects from VMware and EMC XtremIO present the recent trends in desktop virtualization and role of all-flash storage in ushering the new era of VDI….

The Modern Healthcare Provider: Health IT For FutureCare As healthcare providers make the shift from volume-based to value-based care reimbursement models, they are working to modernize their data centers to deliver safer

The New Data Pipeline The data center continues to benefit exponentially through innovations in flash media and the systems that consume them.  New technologies such as 3D CrossPoint and beyond…

Top 10 Tips & Tricks To Rock Your Flash Learn the top 10 things to get the most out of your EMC Flash Products. Our technical experts share best practices of configuration, operation and management, and will…

Towards Memory-Centric Infrastructure For The Enterprise The ubiquity of flash media,  the advent of NVM within the load/store memory space, and advancing user requirements for near real time results are creating the need for…

VMAX Ask The Experts VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 – powered by the universally trusted Hypermax/Enginuity operating system – continues to revolutionize the ways organizations are deploying,…

VMAX: Behind The White Light Of The All Flash VMAX 450F/FX & 850F/FX VMAX has long been the industry leader for flash, and this session introduces the all new VMAX All Flash arrays. It outlines the architectural features of the new all-flash…

VMAX Management: New Unisphere For VMAX To Make All Your Daily Tasks – From Provisioning To Reporting – Simpler This session introduces to and learn about the latest and greatest in Unisphere for VMAX, including the all new Unisphere 360. Topics covered include overall management…

VMAX & Oracle: Oracle Deployment Best Practices This session discusses Oracle performance and protection best practices with VMAX All Flash, SRDF/Metro, and more.

VMAX Performance: An Overview Of The Latest Software Performance Enhancements The latest Hypermax/Enginuity OS 5977 contains several performance improvements and new features, many for the new VMAX All Flash arrays. This session discusses the…

VMAX Performance: Configuration Best Practices For Optimal Performance Who doesn’t love simplicity! This session focuses on simple “rules of thumb” users can use and remember to configure their VMAX All Flash or hybrid  system with Hypermax OS…

VMAX: What’s New In Hypermax/Enginuity 5977 This session introduces the latest HYPERMAX (Enginuity) OS 5977 for VMAX All Flash as well as hybrid arrays, describing architectural changes (including the Dynamic Virtual…

What You Need To Know About Database Licensing On Converged Infrastructure Every Oracle customer considering virtualization has heard stories about adverse compliance audits and unexpected licensing costs.   However, customers that understand their…

XtremIO 101: All-Flash Architecture, Benefits, & Use Cases For Mixed Workload Consolidation This session provides an overview to the EMC XtremIO all-flash scale-out array and its design objectives. The architecture will be discussed and compared to other flash…

XtremIO iCDM Best Practices: Customer Panel Everybody knows that all-flash arrays are fast, but XtremIO enables much more than speeds and feeds.. Considerations in storage planning need to be made for additional copies…


Introducing EMC DSSD D5: A conversation with Will Layton

EMC The Source Podcast #32 - Introducing DSSD D5

EMC The Source Podcast #32 – Introducing DSSD D5

Leap day, February 29th, 2016 represented a Quantum leap in Flash Storage. If you had the opportunity to read the Press Release or watch the live Quantum Leap launch event, you know this was not ordinary event! 2016 is the Year of Flash! DSSD D5, a part of that launch: is 10Milliion IOPS, 100 Microsecond Latency, 100GB/s Bandwidth and 144TB raw Flash in five rack units – Truly a Quantum Leap!

But what does it all mean? I sat down with the Vice President of DSSD Business Development, Will Layton (@WillLayton) at a recent customer briefing to get the latest. Will was more than happy to share some insight not only on the technology, but how it is helping our customers transform their operations to the Modern Data Center.

Introducing DSSD D5

Introducing EMC DSSD D5

You can hear that interview in it’s entirety on EMC The Source Podcast Episode #32: introducing EMC DSSD D5, embedded audio below.

For more details, visit and check the bounus section of EMC The Source Podcast for more information. Thanks for listening.

Don’t miss “EMC The Source” app in the App Store. Be sure to subscribe to The Source Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Radio and visit the official blog at

2016 is the Year of Flash, 10 Reasons Why!

It’s amazing to watch the evolution of Flash Storage.  From early development in the 1980s to the arrival in enterprise storage systems in 2008, all along people have predicted the year of Flash!  Well, I believe that we can say 2016 is the year of Flash!

2016 The Year of All Flash for Primary Storage

2016 The Year of All Flash for Primary Storage

Why?  Here are 10 reasons 2016 is different than previous years… Flash is the new normal, no longer disruptive!

#1 – The Evolution of Flash Storage goes Vertical:  NAND Flash manufacturers have reached the limits of traditional 2 dimensional manufacturing capabilities; you just can’t get any smaller on the physical silicon.  What next?  3D NAND, build up!  Density will continue to increase!.

#2 Economics of Scale: As NAND Manufacturers switch to 3D NAND, economies of scale will continue to drive adoption and evolution, reducing price.

#3 Flash is Everywhere: Smart Phones, Solid State Disk Drive (SSDs) and Consumer Tablets, in that order, are the biggest consumers of Flash on the planet.

#4 Not just for the Enterprise: Flash was first introduced into enterprise storage systems in 2008 by EMC.  At that point, only the most demanding, revenue generating workloads could justify the added cost.  Economies of scale have completely changed that equation.  Flash is now the go to storage media for any size data center.

#5 Nand Manufacturers are Gearing Up: Back in 2013, NAND manufacturers started the process of changing facilities to support manufacturing of 3D NAND over traditional 2D.  The last of those facilities are now coming on line and producing 3D Flash.

#6 Performance, Low Latency now a Given: Flash has changed the storage conversation forever; Disk Performance and Latency are no longer a competitive differentiator for anyone.  They are table stakes, what your storage software and architecture provide matters most.

#7 Environmental Impacts: The obvious benefits: Less power, less cooling, more reliable (less replacement costs).  The less obvious benefits: Data Reduction (Compression/Deduplication), Increased CPU Utilization, Less Data Copies (Single Source)

#8 Tiers of Flash now a Reality: While TLC represents the future of Flash Storage, tiers of Flash, much like tiers of spinning disk, provide the ability to create capacity tiers between SLC, MLC and 3D NAND.

#9 The 16TB Drive: The introduction of the 16TB 2.5” 3DNAND SSD represents The tipping point, the largest capacity drive in the world is now Flash!  And it will soon be eclipsed by the 32TB 2.5” Drive – The Future is Now!

#10 Flash as Memory – The Future is Bright:  Storage Class Memory.. .When memory and storage mix! RRAM (Resistive RAM), PC-RAM (Phase-change RAM) – This is gonna get good!!!

EMC The Source Podcast

Still don’t believe me?  Stay tuned to as the flash evolution continues.  And be Sure to check out EMC The Source Podcast, your Source for EMC Products Technologies and Solutions.  Don’t miss “EMC The Source” app in the App Store.  Be sure to subscribe to

The Source Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher Radio and visit the official blog at

XtremIO: Truly Transformation: A conversation with Itzik Reich XtremIO CTO

I recently kicked off a project that had been in the works for almost a year, “EMC The Source” Podcast. EMC The Source, is an insiders perspective to EMC products, technologies and solutions.  The Podcast is available via  iTunes or Stitcher Radio and also has an app in the apple store  “EMC The Source”  Be sure to subscribe to get the latest.

Itzik Reich, XtremIO CTO was a recent guest on the podcast.  We spent some time at VMWorld 2015 talking about the transformation capabilities of EMC XtremIO.

Transformation has been at the heartbeat of the EMC XtremIO story since its launch over 2 years ago.  I asked the XtremIO CTO, Itzik Reich (@itzikr) to elaborate.  Itzik presented “Best Practices for Running Virtualized Workloads on All-Flash Arrays” at VMworld 2015.

You can listen to the show below, and don’t forget to subscribe.

The Source: Episode #17 – XtremIO Truly Transformational.

The Source Podcast; Episode #17 – XtremIO Truly Transformational

EMC The Source Podcast is hosted By Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)

Unleash the Beast Roadshow!! – Coming to a City Near You!

Unleash the Beast!!!

The XtremIO “Unleash the Beast” Roadshow is coming to a city near you!

Join us on the Unleash the Beast Tour where you’ll learn how your peers are consolidating, simplifying, and unleashing breakthrough agility with XtremIO all-flash storage. See why XtremIO is the fastest growing enterprise data storage product ever.

Join infrastructure and app teams together to explore best practices that:

  • Solve all SLA challenges with a simple, consistent all-flash array
  • Expand performance and capacity on demand as workloads grow
  • Consolidate all production and non-production application lifecycle copies
  • Lower TCO with a scale-out all-flash array at < $1/GB

2015 North America Tour dates and locations:

  • 22 Oct – Philadelphia, PA
  • 27 Oct – Tysons Corner, VA
  • 28 Oct – Boston, MA
  • 28 Oct – Overland Park, KS
  • 29 Oct – San Antonio, TX
  • 3 Nov-  Denver, CO
  • 4 Nov-  Houston, TX
  • 4 Nov – Livonia, MI
  • 5 Nov – Minneapolis, MN
  • 12 Nov- Newport Beach, CA
  • 8 Dec-  Seattle, WA

Register today!!!

International Dates can be found at the official “Unleash The Beast” web site!

Are you Ready for Any? VMworld 2015 Preview!

VMworld 2015 - Ready for Any!!

Are you “Ready for Any”?  We are!!!   EMC is once again a Diamond Sponsor oVMworld!  The amount of work that goes into an event like VMworld is amazing.  In addition to the EMC Trade Show booth, you will be able to find a Federation Booth, Virtustream and VCE.  EMC is hosting 4 Sponsor Sessions, 12 Selected Sessions and 13 Additional Sessions including EMC along with Self-Paced Hands-on Labs.

If your headed to VMworld here is you inside scope on what EMC has in store!!  Stop by the EMC booth and say hi!  And don’t miss “EMC The Source Podcast” available on EMC The Source on iTunes and EMC The Source podcast on Stitcher Radio.

EMC at VMworld 2015 San Francisco

4 Sponsor Sessions

Mon, Aug 31, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM | The Bleeding Edge: A Face Melting Technical Smorgasbord of Private, Hybrid and PaaS

Speaker: Chad Sakac, President, Global Systems Engineering

Abstract: As enterprises are furiously competing to maintain relevancy in the market, innovation and business agility are essential aspects of their long-term success. To support that, IT must provide agile, secure, and cost effective services. This is not an easy task, it is critical that you understand the different cloud models and how they correlate to application and business requirements, these are basic fundamentals for your continued success. In this session, we will discuss the Managed Cloud model and how the EMC Federation with Virtustream solutions will complement vCloud Air’s Public Cloud offerings. We will guide you thru the key dimensions you must consider in choosing the right cloud model for your applications. In this session you will also hear about how EMC will enable Cloud Native Apps, the container ecosystem as well as transforming storage and replication through Virtual Volumes and IO Filters. In typical Chad fashion, we’ll get our hands dirty with tons of live demos and we’ll also provide a sneak peek on how Software-Defined Storage solutions are evolving to accommodate these new application and business requirements, from extreme high performance and low latency applications to huge object repositories. You’ll see how you can start using Software-Defined Storage solutions in your environment with just a few simple steps and with no out of pocket cost, by leveraging EMC’s open source offerings.

Mon, Aug, 31, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Learning from the Leading Edge: Real Ways IT is Creating Value with Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Speaker: Edward Newman, Sr. Director, Cloud Professional Services Portfolio

Abstract: Software-defined data centers are rapidly maturing, and IT organizations are adopting this approach to provide an agile platform for IT as a service and lower operational costs. The questions for many IT organizations now are: how rapidly can I build this? how agile can I become? how much can I save? In this session, we’ll share insights from a range of real-world deployments of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, which leverages leading-edge technologies from VMware and EMC. Through robust solutions engineering, extensive documentation, and tightly-defined professional services, clients are realizing their software-defined data center in as little as 28 days. We’ll show how the solution operates at a high-level, but leave lots of time to explain the business and technical benefits which EMC Global Services clients are realizing as they create their software-defined data centers.

Wed, Sep 2, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM | Best Practices for Running Virtualized Workloads on All-Flash Array

Speaker: Itzik Reich, Field CTO

Abstract:  All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) are taking the storage industry by storm. Many customers are leveraging AFAs for virtualizing their data centers, with a majority of them using EMC XtremIO. In this session, we will examine the reasons behind strong adoption of AFAs, discuss similarities and differences between different AFA architectures, and deep dive into specific best practices for the following virtualized use cases:

  1. Databases: how they can benefit from being virtualized on an AFA;
  2. EUC: how VDI 1.0 started, what VDI 3.0 means and how it is applicable for an AFA; and
  3. Generic workloads being migrated to AFAs.

Thurs, Sep 3, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM  | Desktops, Part Of A Comprehensive Cloud Strategy


Rajeev Dawar, Advisory vSpecialist – Midmarket Select – Central

Tony Foster, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager for EUC Solutions

Abstract:  Are desktop initiatives stalled? Are users wanting their desktops on any device, even their own? Are desktops as part of your app catalog only a dream? In this session learn how you can deliver a well-run End User Computing solution that creates highly automated, self-service desktops and applications securely across all of your users’ devices within an IT-as-a-Service framework.

13 Selected EMC Breakout Sessions

Monday, August 31

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM | Customer Panel: SAP HANA on vSphere Deployments In Technology, Security, Cloud, and Retail Verticals

Tuesday, September 1

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way!

Wednesday, September 2

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM | Enterprise Hybrid Cloud – Federal Case Study

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM | Eliminating Performance Bottleneck and Improving Resilience for Your Exchange Infrastructure on vSphere

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM | Run Your Stateless and Stateful Apps in Containers on VMware Infrastructure

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM | Infrastructure Security Panel Discussion

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM | Ask The Expert vBloggers

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM | Ask The Expert Industry Titans

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM | The Art of Elasticity – Customers Journey to Build an In-House Auto Scaling SDDC

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM| Top Guns: A Summary of Interviews with Customers running LargeMission Critical Apps

Thursday, September 3

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM | Infrastructure as Code – Ban Snowflake Deployments

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM | Advanced SQL Server on vSphere

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM | Ask the Cloud Experts Panel Discussion

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM | Virtualized Oracle on All-Flash: A Customers Perspective on Database Performance & Ops

Hands On Labs Experience

Moscone South Esplanade Ball Room
“Can I do my own backups and restores?”  Yes, yes you can.  Learn how you can use the EMC Plugin for vRealize Automation for user level backup and file level restores of your virtual machines.The VMware Hands-On Labs demonstrate the real value of VMware solutions in real time. VMworld attendees gain special access to the latest VMware technologies without requiring the purchase of equipment, software, or licenses. Attendees explore topics such as the Software-Defined Data Center, Enterprise Mobility, and the Hybrid Cloud with a VMware-provided keyboard or their own device, and experiment in the lab for 60-90 minutes. Product experts are on hand to provide one-on-one guidance. After a successful run of the lab, the environment is reset to a fresh state for the next participant.

HOL Availability:

Sun, Aug 30: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Mon, Aug 31: 11:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Tues, Sep 1: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Wed, Sep 2: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Thurs, Sep 3: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Episode #24: Flash: The Myth, The Media, The Magic

Dan Cobb is the VP of Flash and Non-Volatile Strategy here at EMC.  Dan’s EMC World Breakout Session Flash: The Myth, The Media, The Magic was standing room only, and very interesting.   I spent some time with Dan on the show floor and asked him about the breakout, and where FLASH is taking us….   Flash is indeed Everywhere, and will continue to help us impact our customer application and business processes.

Inside Flash #24 – Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for Watching, Get all the latest at and follow me on twitter @SamMarraccini

Here is the abstract for Dan’s Breakout

Flash: The Myth, The Media, The Magic Flash adoption continues to accelerate within the data center, with many viable and valuable deployment options and architectures. This session explains the technology foundations and architectural values of flash, and previews the world of next generation non-volatile memories. View Less1 Hour Lecture

Sam Marraccini Dan Cobb EMC World 2015

Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch

Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch

Inside Flash Episode #23: XtremIO Oracle Database Consolidation

XtremIO Oracle Database Consolidation with Sam Lucido: When the EMC Global Solutions Team set out to demonstrate the Oracle Database consolidation capabilities of XtremIO, they had three primary goals.

  • Simplify database consolidation – consolidate mixed-workload, test/dev with performance at scale.
  • Maximize DBA Productivity – simplify provisioning, reduce downtime and accelerate testing
  • Gain greater business insight – Run faster, more queries, more users, more value to business.

The resulting whitepaper, Oracle Database Consolidation with XtremIO  provides details on the configuration, architecture and software featured leveraged in the testing, including: Inline Data Reduction, Thin Provisioning, inline data compression and snapshots.   I had the opportunity to talk to Sam Lucido about the results of the whitepaper, XtremIO Oracle, at EMC World 2015.  Sam is a fellow EMC Elect Member, and I spotted him hanging out in the EMC Elect lounge and grabbed my camera.  Don’t forget to check out the DBA Society

Inside Flash #23 – Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for Watching, Get all the latest at and follow me on twitter @SamMarraccini

samandsam XtremIO Oracle

Sam Marraccini and Sam Lucido talk XtremIO and Oracle at EMC World 2015 #EMCElect

Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch

Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch

Inside Flash #22: XtremIO 4.0 with Itzik Reich (EMC World 2015)

The Beast makes it's debut at EMC World 2015

The Beast makes it’s debut at EMC World 2015

XtremIO continues to break records, and EMC World 2015 continued the streak with the introduction of XtremIO 4.0!  The hardware platform made a grand entrance on the first day of the show; nicknamed “The Beast”, XtremIO introduced new 40TB X-Brick and 8 way scale out cluster support with 16 active controllers.  Those upgrades along with inline data services can deliver over a Petabyte of capacity, all while maintaining sub-millisecond latency you have come to expect from XtremIO.  Not looking for that much capacity?  XtremIO starts at 3TB and provides scale non-disruptively.

Believe it or not, XtremIO is NOT about hardware; it’s about software.  Software designed to take advantage of the latest hardware and transform the way you manage and deploy your business applications.

XtremIO 4.0 "The Beast" Over 50 new features!

XtremIO 4.0: while the Hardware might be considered “The Beast” the “Beauty” is in the over 50 software enhancements.

To help highlight a few of the new software features, I spent some time with Itzik Reich @itzikr at EMC World 2015.

Inside Flash #22 – Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for Watching, Get all the latest at and follow me on twitter @SamMarraccini

Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch

Hanging out with the beast after theEMC World 2015 Launch

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